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I forgot how juicy this issue was! Emma was great in this story and Jean was so pissed. Would have loved to see how Quietly would have handled it for consistency’s sake but great art by Phil Jimenez too.


Kitty goes to grad school, reconnects with old friends, and deals with some big feelings. One of Chris Claremont’s best Kitty Pryde mini stories. Great art too.

Just read Excalibur’s “School Girls From Heck”. It’s everything I love about the book, and had some uncharacteristically big name bad guys in it. Fun seeing the team square off other bonafide mutants like Fenris and Mesmero, instead of their usual fare of human bad guys or space bad guys or alternate dimension bad guys (e.g. the Technet, Arcade, Necrom, etc)… although I wasn’t a fan of how easily and whimsically they were beaten. That part was typical Excalibur. But otherwise, it was a pretty fun story.

The cheerleading competition was my favorite part. 

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